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Planning work for WSMX working group (September 2005):

d10 Semantic Web Service Discovery - Ioan

d13.0 Overview & Scope of WSMX - Laurentiu

d13.2 WSMX Execution Semantics - Maciej

d13.3 WSMX Data Mediation - Adrian


d13.6 WSMX Use Cases - Doug

d13.7 WSMX Process Mediation - Emilia

d13.8 Integration of WSMX with other SWS systems - TBD

d13.9 Choreography Engine in WSMX - Armin

d13.10 WSMX Glossary - Tomas

d13.11 WSMX Tools - Mick

d13.12 WSMX Discovery Component - Edward

d13.13 WSMX Orchestration - Sami

d13.14 WSMX Selection - Mick

d13.15 WSMX Security - TBD

d13.16 WSMX Triple Space Storage - Brahmananda

d13.17 WSMX Communication Manager - Maciej

d13.18 WSMX Adapter Framework - Laurentiu