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The mission of the Technical Task Force is to oversee the implementation efforts within each of the STI Innsbruck working groups to ensure that the different prototypes are interoperable. The Technical Task Force aims to improve communication between the different working groups to ensure transparency and understanding of current development efforts. This will be achieved by identifying dependencies between working groups, sharing the requirements one working group has on another and aiding a working group in prioritizing certain implementation efforts based upon the needs of other groups.


The Technical Task Force meets on a monthly basis to discuss the current status of the implementation efforts across the working groups and devise plans to bring this prototypes into a coherent architecture. Further information is at Technical_Task_Force:Meetings.

Objective Leaders

See the members page (on the toolbar above).


Each of the research objective leaders is responsible for coordinating the research in his/her objective and reporting the status of the research to the Technical Task Force on a monthly basis. Requests for research in a given direction or development of a given prototype will be communicated to the research objective through the leader. While the research objective leader may not actual perform this research or development he/she is responsible to ensure that any deadlines committed to are met in a timely fashion.


The technology results from STI can be found via the following links (from the STI homepage):

It is crucial that every opportunity to further these technologies is taken, whether it be in further development, exposure/dissemination, re-use, etc. Wherever appropriate, all proposals should include these technologies. For this reason, all proposals must be passed to the TTF chair before submission to the funding agency.

Technology Fairs

On a yearly basis the Technical Task Force organizes a Technology Fair that will allow invited guests from industry to see the current status of the prototypes being built within STI Innsbruck. These Technology Fairs aid in the collection of further ideas and requirements, as well as act as a sanity check for the working going on in STI Innsbruck.


The TTF has a number of projects that it has identified across the different research working groups. This projects can be found here