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Welcome to the Developer Tools Working Group Website!


The mission of the developers tools working group is to produce high quality tools related to Semantic Web Services that can be used by users of all competency levels. To this end we provide a large number of tools that can be used by users with different skill sets. Members of the working group are working on tools for managing WSMO ontologies, web services, goals and mediators, for creating mappings between WSMO ontologies for runtime mediation, for executing WSDL web services and managing WSMO execution environments.


Mick Kerrigan (Working Group Chair)

Old Members

Adrian Mocan

Martin Tanler

Werner Bliem

Christian Ammendola

Carlos Pedrinaci (Knowledge Media Institute (KMI) - Open University)

Daniel Winkler

Nathalie Steinmetz

Graham Hench


The Web Services Modeling Toolkit (WSMT)

WSMT Tutorials

Next Release

Q1 2009