WSMX Triple Space Storage

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Executive Summary

Web Service Execution Environment (WSMX) aims to facilitate the dynamic discovery, selection, invocation and inter-operation of the Semantic Web Services. In order to provide these functionalities, WSMX needs to store various data generated internally or externally. Data storage requirement can be addressed using using different storage mechanisms such as relational databases, flat file databases, RDF databases, etc.

The purpose of this deliverable is to provide a efficient storage mechanism for addressing WSMX storage requirements. This deliverable starts by looking at current state of the art storage mechanisms, identifies the problems, analyse the requirements and provides a storage mechanism which we call as WSMX Triple Space Storage. Furthermore, the deliverable defines the interfaces required to access this storage. This deliverable concludes by stating current findings and future direction for developing an efficient, robust and reliable storage facility for WSMX.

Table of contents