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This deliverable will focus on the new version of the Web Services Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) that is based on the Eclipse Framework rather than the older SWING framework previously described in d9.1. The new WSMT is layered on top of WSMO Studio, which provides the textual and form based ontology editing. The Tools that are under development and will be described in this deliverable are :

  • Ontology Visualizer
    • Visualizations for Ontologies, including concept hierarchy, relation hierarchy and axioms
    • Ability to drill down to a given entity and view its relations with other entities in the ontology
  • WSMX Management
    • Management of the Adapter Framework
      • Deploy Adapter
      • Undeploy Adapter
      • Test Adapter
      • Invoke WSMX
    • Management of WSMX
      • View the Management Console
      • Visualize WSMX (based on Tomas Haselwanters visualization servlet)
      • Deploy Component
      • Undeploy Component
      • Add execution semantics (?)
      • View execution semantics (?)

In the future this deliverable may describe the design time component of the WSMX Data Mediation deliverable.