WSMX Process Mediation

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The next steps in the development of this deliverable will be the actual implementation of the prototype. For this, we divided the work between different people willing to contribute:

  • Maciej – will build a wrapper for the WSML reasoner, in order to allow us to use it for the Process Mediator
  • BN – will build an internal repository and a choreography parser
  • Emilia – will develop the main component of the Process Mediator, which will coordinate all the other components.
  • Doug- will construct examples of pair choreographies, for testing the Process Mediator.

For the beginning the functionality offered by our prototype will be quite limited (only simple choreography rules and only the basic mismatches will be addressed). As the work progress, we will improve our prototype for allowing analyzing real case scenario choreographies .provided by DIP use-cases.

The actual document will also be extended to show our progress.