WSMX Discovery Component

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The next steps in the development of this deliverable will be the actual implementation of the Discovery Component. For this, we divided the work into functionality subgroups:

  • Keyword-based Discovery
  • Discovery based on simple semantic descriptions of Services
  • Discovery based on rich semantic descriptions of Services

For the beginning the functionality offered by our component will be simple keyword-based discovery. As the work progress, we will improve our functionality to allow for more elaborate Discovery.

Keyword-based discovery has been implemented:

  • Assumption that component has Ontology & keyword to match.
  • Next steps

-> send concepts to mediator, receive response, store in Look-Up Table.

-> Implement Table check prior to mediator use.

  • Further steps

-> send capabilities to reasoner, receive response.

The actual document will also be extended to show our progress. This document maybe accessed at: WSMX_Discovery_Component