WSMX Data Mediation

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The work on WSMX Data Mediation will continue both on the conceptual level and on the enhancement of the already existing prototype.

The conceptual work will consist of:

  • mechanisms for defining and classifying conversion functions. Conversion functions will be used to alter the actual data values fro the source data to match the requirements defined in target ontology.
  • definition of a validation process for the already existing mappings between the given ontologies
  • identifying new useful view for mapping creation

The implementation of the prototype will basically follow the conceptual work and adjust to the new technological requirements:

  • complete the porting from SWING to a Eclipse based implementation
  • complete the porting from WSMO4J v0.3. to WSMO4J v0.4/5
  • implement the mapping views defined in the last version of the deliverable
  • implement the views that will be identified in the next versions of this deliverable
  • create support for applying transformation functions
  • test the WSML Reasoners available and replace/back-up the Flora-2 solution with one of this reasoners
  • use the reasoner (during design time) in validating and correctness checking of the created mappings

Anybody interested in collaborating or working to any of this future action items please contact Adrian (me!) –