WSMX Communication Manager

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The Communication Manager provides the boundary component between WSMX and the rest of the world. This component is responsible for implementing the WSMX interface API which provides the starting point for each of the execution semantics supported by WSMX.

The tasks for the Communication Manager in the short term (to end of 2005) are to provide a real and usable implementation of the Invoker, Receiver and EntryPoint interfaces allowing WSMX to offer an end-to-end execution environment for the following two execution semantics:

  • InvokeWebService
  • AchieveGoal

Communication Manager - Maciej. I am supposed to help Matt with this components. I am not quite sure yet when will it be. Perhaps around December as I talked to Matt. My contribution will concern extending functionality of CM with synchronous and asynchronous communicatation means and support for more complex data types.