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Chairs of DERI Innsbruck working groups are automatically members of the Technical Task Force and expected to attend the monthly meetings (or to send an adequate representative for the working group). Membership of the working is not limited to working group chairs, in fact the working group encourages participation from all those that are contibuting the overall WSMX prototype, with individual implementations.


Barry Bishop (Chair)

Gulay Unel (Formal Languages, Reasoning and Grounding) (absorbs Grounding and Invocation)

Federico Facca (Execution Manager)

Mick Kerrigan (Developer Tools and Ontologies)

Srdjan Komazec (Monitoring)

Reto Krummenacher (Storage, Communication & Invocation) (absorbs Grounding and Invocation)

Tobias Bürger (Applications)

no leader (Choreography)

no leader (Mediation)

no leader (Composition)

no leader (Discovery)

Ioan Toma (Ranking and Selection)