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- Reto Krummenacher (component leader)

- Omair Shafiq

- Michael Fried (programmer)

Affiliated Members

- Daniel Blunder (student researcher)

- Jacek Kopecky

- Ioan Toma

tsc++ - A Distributed Implementation of Semantic Spaces

By: Daniel Blunder, Reto Krummenacher, Michael Fried

tsc++ is an implementation of the TSC paradigm. It aims at developing Triple Space Computing as a communication and coordination framework for Semantic Web and Semantic Web services. tsc++ is based on the TSC project and was initiated to overcome license problems caused by the proprietary CORSO layer inside TSC project. Furthermore, this internal projects continuous to examine recent results from the EC STREP TripCom in the setting of tsc++.

The latest tsc++ prototype provides a TS Kernel implementation based on a JXTA coordination kernel to integrate triplespaces with an established P2P infrastructure. In addition to the YARS binding of the TSC project demonstrator, tsc++ provides data access layers to persist triplespaces in Sesame and OWLIM semantic storages. The latest release dates of mid-April 2008 and is available at the address indicated below.

Further information at:

Resource Management in WSMX using Triple Space Computing

By: Omair Shafiq

WSMX contains different repositories to store ontologies, goals, mediators and web services descriptions as WSML based files. While enabling WSMX with communication and coordination based on Triple Space Computing, there is another possibility of resource management in WSMX which is, via Triple Space. Currently, WSMX manages different repositories for persistent storage of goals, web service descriptions, mapping rules, ontologies and intermediate process event data.

The objective is to provide the Triple Space storage as an optional way for WSMX Resource Management. In this case, resource manager instead of storing the data in internal repositories of WSMX, will be able to pass the data (grounded in RDF) to the Triple Space and only maintain the URI to access it. This is mainly concerned with transforming the existing representation of data in form of WSML into RDF representation. The repository interfaces are needed to be interfaced with Triple Space middleware.


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