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Grounding and Invocation, one of Working Groups, led by Jacek

Component Definition

Apart from discovering Web services and composing them, the Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) also needs to invoke the services — send the necessary service request messages and receive the responses. Such invocations, including any necessary data transformations, will be taken care of by this component.

Because internal communication within the SEE uses semantic data and practically all currently deployed Web services use their specific XML formats, the Grounding and Invocation component needs to translate between the involved data forms. This translation is also known as data grounding. Above that, this component also needs to support concrete network protocols (HTTP, SOAP, other bindings) to be able to exchange messages with the Web service.

The Grounding and Invocation component will also provide Triple-Space-based communication as an additional communication channel between the SEE and external Web services.

Component Functionalities

The Grounding and Invocation component provides the following functionalities (only to be used where applicable):

  • data grounding — two-way transformations between semantic data within SEE and the XML data used in external communication
  • network protocol binding — based on the WSDL description of the target Web service, the best supported protocol binding will be selected for communication
  • triple-space grounding for communication of the SEE with Web services over Triple Space

Current Status


  • Jacek - Data and choreography grounding, Triple Space grounding
  • Omair - Triple space grounding
  • Federico - WSMX grounding integration

Former contributors:

  • Adrian - Data grounding
  • Matthew - Contribution to data grounding and implementation