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The mission of developer tools and ontologies working group is to look at the fields of both ontology and Semantic Web Service engineering with aim of producing high quality tools for the creation of both ontologies and Semantic Web Services, along with aiming to advance the state of the art in the engineering of real-world ontologies and service descriptions. Members of the working group are looking at ontology and Semantic Web Service engineering in the context of desktop IDEs, Web applications, wikis, and mobile devices. The group does not limit itself to expert creation of descriptions but also considers non expert creation of semantic description through the use of intelligent interfaces and games.


  • Tobias Bürger
  • Simon Hangl
  • Mick Kerrigan (Working Group Chair)
  • Michael Luger
  • Igor Popov
  • Elena Simperl
  • Katharina Siorpaes (Working Group Vice-chair)
  • Stefan Thaler
  • Stephan Wölger

Contributions / Activity Areas

  • The Web Services Modeling Toolkit (WSMT)
  • myOntology Platform
  • Semantic MediaWiki Ontology Building Extension (ACTIVE)
  • OntoCOM - Cost Modeling
  • Incentives for Semantic Content Creation
  • OntoGame
  • Human involvement in semantic content creation tasks
  • Combination of human and computational intelligence
  • Harvesting Wikipedia Consensus